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La Dolce Villa


Northern Umbria must surely be at its most inspiring in the Spring time, as blossom turns to leaf and the countryside becomes luxuriantly green. Wild flowers bloom in profusion and the fields are filled with poppies, coating the hills in a patchwork of vermilion.

Below is a list of typical events held in the area during Spring time. Religous Festival dates will vary slightly each year. Exhibitions and events are varied and current information will be found at the time of your visit.

  • April
    • Assisi: Holy week celebrations. (8-16 April)
    • Todi: Italian Antique Exhibition. A no-miss event for lovers of antiques.
  • May
    • Assisi: Calendimaggio. An extraordinary song and balladry contest between the 'upper' and 'lower' sections of the city. (3-5 May)
    • Gubbio: Crossbow Tournament. A contest of skill and mastery held in the fortified medieval city of Gubbio. (27 May)
  • June
    • Deruta: Majolica Exhibition. Marvel at the world's most exquisite ceramics.
    • Orvieto: Corpus Christi. This extraordinary festival commemorates a miracle said to have happened in 1264. (14 June)
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